How to Market Clear Aligners

The popularity of clear aligners continues to rise, and orthodontists and dentists have a golden opportunity to expand their patient base and grow their practices. 

To effectively market clear aligners, it’s essential to implement marketing strategies to earn patients’ trust and make your practice stand out from the crowd. This blog post will guide you through proven marketing strategies that can boost your aligner sales and succeed in the aligner market.


Put Smiles on Your Patients’ Faces to Grow Word-of-Mouth 

Word-of-mouth remains one of the most potent marketing tools. Ensure patient satisfaction by pricing your aligners competitively and providing exceptional care throughout the treatment journey. Happy patients will refer friends, family, and colleagues, thus expanding your patient base organically. For more on how to effectively sell and price your aligners, check out our post “How to Sell Clear Aligners”.


Building Relationships with Other Doctors

Collaborating with other doctors can be mutually beneficial for both dentists and orthodontists. Dentists who prefer treating easy cases with clear aligners can seek guidance and advice from orthodontists, fostering a professional relationship. In return, dentists can refer complex cases to orthodontists within their network, promoting a spirit of cooperation that benefits both parties.


Strategic Advertising

Local TV and radio advertising can be effective in reaching a broader audience. One strategy that has worked for many doctors is offering free aligner treatments to local media figures in exchange for sponsorship or coverage. Such partnerships can elevate your practice’s visibility and credibility, attracting potential patients seeking reliable orthodontic care.


Personalized Packaging

Developing a recognizable brand for your practice can help you stand out and remain memorable. Custom branding on aligner packaging can create a lasting impression on your patients. This strategy not only reinforces your practice’s identity but also serves as an effective marketing tool that stays with the patient throughout their treatment journey.


Sell Patients What They Need, Not What They Want

Patients may request specific name-brand aligners because they are marketed extensively. However, even if you use a different vendor like Vivid Aligners, patients can be sold on the advantages of using your preferred vendor. Emphasize that aligner brands are interchangeable that they can save using their doctor’s preferred vendor.



Effective marketing of clear aligners is crucial for orthodontists and dentists looking to thrive in a competitive market. By implementing a comprehensive marketing approach, you can attract more patients and expand your practice significantly. Embrace proven strategies to transform smiles, boost patient satisfaction, and grow your orthodontic or dental practice to new heights. In this podcast, industry experts Thomas and TJ Wright discuss strategies for growing your practice through aligner treatments. Furthermore, if you’re interested in an in-depth guide with strategies for selling and marketing clear aligner treatments, check out our eBook.

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