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The Vivid Company

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to create orthodontic solutions and products that inspire a lifetime of confidence.

Vivid is deeply connected to partners, history and its faith-based roots. These links and relationships are honored and respected, and each work together to maintain Vivid’s reputation of being a gracious and humble partner. Respecting Vivid’s connections to values and kindness means consistently respecting each individual’s connection to Vivid as an employee and teammate.
Vivid is always making small improvements in our products and process. We know that the small wins make the biggest impact. A culture of continuous improvement defines us. The team supports Vivid by making an effort daily to improving how they do their work. Wins are shared, recognized, and celebrated as a team within the organization.
Vivid is a consistent champion of detail, craftsmanship and process perfection. This unique level of TLC is its most valuable asset, which should be equally valued with the awareness that individual production agility and hustle can never be compromised. The team supports Vivid by pushing this value and quality forward at every turn. There is no cutting corners in tactical duties, and we give our very best to get the job done, on-time, every time.
Vivid is always gracious, mindful of its reputation and values future opportunities as much as current advancements. Whether it’s a win or a loss, each interaction is done with a gracious spirit. The team supports Vivid by consistently putting Vivid ’s reputation first and maintaining grace within all customer and partner reactions.
Vivid is proud of its historical roots, but never rests – it consistently strives to push innovation and ingenuity forward to keep the legacy alive, fresh and thriving.
Orthodent Labs inc.

5 Generations of Trust

100+ years, 5 generations, and a relentless passion for
unparalleled dental excellence.
Our History

Driven by quality, guided by family.

In 1984, James Wright embarked on the adventure of building ODL from the ground up. From the basement of his father’s orthodontic clinic to now a nationally recognized laboratory, his philosophy was always to offer a quality product at a fair price.

Now led by three brothers, with a combined experience of 40 years in the orthodontic industry, we’re passionate about what we do. Our passion comes through in our products and service. With one foot firmly planted in the tried-and-true traditions of orthodontic manufacturing, and the other bounding forward with exciting new technologies, we strive to give our doctors the collaborative and exciting experience that they deserve.
Our partners

Some of our partners

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With ODL I knew that they were using top-of-the-line carbon printers, thermoforming with Zendura Material, and taking the extra time to train. Also, I can now use their excellent custom packaging, increasing my marketing imprint.

Dr. Brian Gaudreault, Southeast Orthodontics

The Vivid Aligner system has it all. Accuracy, consistent fit, patient comfort, computerized A.I. with detailed analysis and movement planning.

Dr. Douglas Wright DDS, MSD

This seamless aligner system is super cost-effective, has efficient and prompt delivery, and excellent customer service.

Dr. Douglas Wright DDS, MSD

Connect with us for more info on
partnerships & pricing.

Connect with us for more info on partnerships & pricing.