Why Vivid?

Understanding that your time is quintessential to running your practice effectively, Vivid puts all of your treatment options under one roof.
We get it.

After 100 years in the business, we know a thing or two about orthodontics.

Clear & Customized

A Whole New Experience

The control you want and the support to not need it.
Patented VISION software puts the control back in your hands to treat your patient how you want.
Every case submitted through VISION starts with cutting-edge AI that maximizes movement efficiency.
Our intuitive portal interface gives you the control to make the changes you need without waiting for a tech to get to your case.
Automated Trimming With Cutline Selection.
Always Double Checked by a Real Human.
Our relentless focus on optimizing our manufacturing process and passing those savings to our customers means you get some of the lowest prices in the industry.
Winning should be easy

Doctor Rewards Program

Introducing a whole new way to save on all of your orthodontics appliances
Wholistic tiered program including aligners, fixed and removable appliances
Specialized perks as you move from tier to tier
Easy visualization to see where you and your practice stands
Tiers that are actually achievable for any size practice

With ODL I knew that they were using top-of-the-line carbon printers, thermoforming with Zendura Material, and taking the extra time to train. Also, I can now use their excellent custom packaging, increasing my marketing imprint.

Dr. Brian Gaudreault, Southeast Orthodontics

The Vivid Aligner system has it all. Accuracy, consistent fit, patient comfort, computerized A.I. with detailed analysis and movement planning.

Dr. Douglas Wright DDS, MSD

This seamless aligner system is super cost-effective, has efficient and prompt delivery, and excellent customer service.

Dr. Douglas Wright DDS, MSD
Clear & Customized

Check out our custom box program.

Want to shake things up a bit? Impress your patients with custom branded aligner and retainer boxes.

  • Our designer or your designer, your choice!
  • Purchase directly through the portal for easy ordering
  • Store as many as you’d like at the Vivid facility
  • More than just a logo stamped on a white box, this is a comprehensive design
Custom aligner box


Login to the Vivid Design Portal.


Upload brand assets & creative preferences.


Impress your clients.

Vivid Results

Vivid makes you smile.

Optimal results, fewer refinements, and happier patients. The proof is in the smile.

This is to tell you how great Vivid is and why you are dumb if you don’t use them.

First Lastname

This is to tell you how great Vivid is and why you are dumb if you don’t use them.

First Lastname

This is to tell you how great Vivid is and why you are dumb if you don’t use them.

First Lastname

Before Aligners

After Aligners

Before Aligners

After Aligners


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