Vivid Aligners & Retainers

Vivid Aligners are made exclusively in the ODL Manufacturing headquarters alongside the hundreds of other orthodontic appliances your patients need every day, so you can get aligners backed by experts with over a century of orthodontics experience.

Vivid Aligners

By focusing on minor to moderate tooth movement, we’re able to match quality to precision and carry your case to the finish line each and every time.

  • FDA Certified
  • Zendura Strong
  • Benefits for ODL clients
  • Custom Case Included

Material Superiority

Zendura FLX combines an elastomeric inner core to provide flexibility, with a hard outer shell to increase elasticity and firmly grip the teeth.

Zendura FLX delivers significantly better patient comfort and 150%+ better movement force throughout the entire treatment stage. This opens up a wider range of treatment protocols, shortening wear periods and overall treatment time.

Vivid Retainers

All our retainers are made in the state-of-the-art ODL lab using LEAN manufacturing techniques, providing your patients with the flexibility, strength and clarity they expect – at a price point they don’t.

  • FDA Certified
  • New LUXE Clear Retainer Material
  • Benefits for ODL Clients
  • Custom Case Included


Retainers are a pain. They don’t have to be.

Clear retainers are a pain to make in-house, and with slow delivery times and questionable quality, many labs leave you and your patients with a bad taste in your mouth. Vivid Retainers come straight from the state-of-the-art ODL lab, so they are delivered fast and are always a perfect fit the first time. That means fewer headaches for you, and a better experience for your patients. No matter who is making your retainers now, there has never been a better time to try Vivid Retention.

Clear & Customized

Check out our custom box program.

Want to shake things up a bit? Impress your patients with custom branded aligner and retainer boxes.

  • Our designer or your designer, your choice!
  • Purchase directly through the portal for easy ordering
  • Store as many as you’d like at the Vivid facility
  • More than just a logo stamped on a white box, this is a comprehensive design
Custom aligner box


Login to the Vivid Design Portal.


Upload brand assets & creative preferences.


Impress your clients.


Connect with us for more info on
partnerships & pricing.

Connect with us for more info on partnerships & pricing.


Set up your account

Call or email us to set up your Vivid and EasyRx accounts to enable STL file transfers.


Submit your case

Design and submit your case to Vivid through the user-friendly Vivid portal.


Case file and prescription review


Approve the virtual setup

Once you’ve received your notification and performed or requested any modifications you can then approve your case for manufacturing.