Getting Started with Clear Aligners for Dentists

As the demand for clear aligners continues to rise among patients, dentists have an exciting opportunity to expand their services and grow their practice. Although treatment involving teeth alignment has traditionally been handled by orthodontists, innovations in aligner technology have made these cases more approachable for regular dentists. If you’re a dentist curious about offering clear aligner treatments but unsure of where to begin, this blog post is here to guide you on how to get started.


Set Goals for Learning

This tip comes from a discussion between industry experts Tom and TJ Wright during this podcast. As with any new endeavor, setting achievable goals is key to gaining experience and proficiency in providing clear aligner treatment. We recommend creating scalable goals for your aligner cases. For instance, aim to treat 20 patients with aligners in your first year, gradually increasing the number in the following years. With each case, you’ll gain valuable experience and refine your process to become more efficient and effective.


Partner with an Orthodontist in Your Area

Collaborating with orthodontists can be immensely beneficial for dentists venturing into the world of clear aligners. Orthodontists have specialized knowledge and experience in orthodontic treatments, and they can offer valuable guidance as you embark on this journey. Building relationships with orthodontists allows you to seek advice on cases and determine whether a specific case is suitable for your expertise or requires the expertise of an orthodontist.

In situations where a case is beyond your scope, referring patients to orthodontists within your network not only ensures the best possible care for the patient but also strengthens your professional relationships.


Choose the Right Manufacturer to Streamline Production

Selecting the right orthodontic lab to produce your clear aligners is critical to the success of your aligner treatment offering. Vivid Aligners, for example, offers a comprehensive and intuitive software platform that empowers dentists to take control of their treatment plans. With Vivid Aligners, you can easily manage and track patient cases, streamline ordering and inventory management, and ensure high-quality aligners that lead to satisfied patients.

The system simplifies the aligner treatment process, allowing you to focus on providing top-notch patient care without getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Get Started with Vivid

Embracing clear aligners as part of your dental practice can open doors to new opportunities and allow you to cater to a growing demand among patients. By setting learning goals, collaborating with orthodontists, and leveraging advanced solutions like Vivid Aligners, you can confidently embark on this journey and provide excellent clear aligner treatments. Empower your practice with the right tools, knowledge, and partnerships to create beautiful smiles and satisfied patients. If you’re interested in learning more about sales and marketing strategies for selling clear aligner treatments, check out our eBook.

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